World Class Research, Development & Manufacturing Competencies

Design, Engineering, Testing and Certification


Our design and engineering development teams collaborate to ensure that every component, feature and function is designed to exceed quality and industry standards. From the first sketch, to the first production part, to the final certification, we work as a team to develop innovative solutions for our ultra-high performance products.




Saleen’s corporate headquarters is located in Southern California – the breeding ground for America’s car culture. This facility contains design, engineering, prototype development, show car, movie car, special OEM programs, and manufacturing facilities. Past Saleen OEM projects include the Ford GT, Dodge Viper and Ford Harley-Davidson Edition F-150.



Saleen is known worldwide for developing purposeful design elements to create the world’s best performing vehicles. In fact, the Saleen S7 is so aerodynamically advanced, that at speeds greater than 160 MPH, the car’s aerodynamics create a down force that exceeds the weight of the car, therefore giving it the ability to corner unlike any other vehicle on the road or track.



Saleen’s streamlined vehicle development process enables products to move from concept to customer in record time. For example, the Saleen S7 went from initial design concepts to the unveiling in nine short months.



Saleen’s in-house engineering department develops patented parts and processes to maximize performance efficiency and visual appeal.



Each Saleen vehicle is fully certified and tested to meet state and federal safety and emissions standards.



Saleen’s ability to develop and improve engines comes from the team’s intimate knowledge of the racing domain. Saleen develops every engine to perform at the highest levels while maintaining long term fuel efficiency and drivability.



Saleen’s in-house team of fabricators and machinists are hands on problem solvers and innovators with decades of experience.



Saleen has developed a state-of-the-art modular manufacturing facility that allows for various vehicle programs to take place concurrently. Competencies learned from Saleen’s own niche vehicle development and manufacturing processes have set the industry standard, paving the way for Saleen to help develop and streamline products for other OEM manufacturers. Since the company’s inception in 1984, Saleen has produced over 12,000 complete and EPA-certified vehicles, more than any other specialty automobile manufacturer. Saleen has equipped more than 600,000 total vehicles worldwide.


State -of -the -Art Paint

Saleen’s paint facilities are second to none and have surpassed every industry standard for quality and finish.



Saleen’s materials knowledge and composite capabilities maximize the efficiencies of each product developed.



Saleen staffs a talented and experienced team of service professionals.



Saleen is one of the leading developers of prototype, movie and show cars for the entertainment and automotive industries.